Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Points of interest from the Brave trailer

The lead is a female and therefore a "heroine" so why the "hero?" (male)
Wish is another word for "will"/Wills, William?
A change in power?

The nemesis is the film is a one-eyed (said in the trailer) 12 foot black bear... (12 feet x 12 inches = 144 inches) "144" is in the book of Revelation 3 times.

Arthur means bear 
Black bear = black prince?

In the trailer, the man on the right refers to the one on the left as "My only [pause] son"  (John 3:16)

A lot of the film seems to center around a Stonehenge-type structure near Scotland

Shock! (not really.)

Prince William in Bank of America mural?

Mural, Bank of America building, Charlotte, North Carolina
Solar eclipse.  William born on the day of a solar eclipse.  The sun is straight up too indicating noon or possible Summer Solstice.  William was born on the Summer Solstice.

Stairway to heaven, Babylonian-type tower.

Puppet controlled by the solar eclipse.  Puppet represents the public.  We are in a box, we may be able to see what is going on, yet we are subject to the elite's fascination with the LITERAL occult (as the eclipse literally means "to occult"  [to hide] and the solar eclipse being much more powerful than the lunar eclipse.)

The pyramid represents all kinds of things - power structure for one - 1 man over 2 men over 4 men over 8 men, etc.  It represents Horus but more on that later.  It also represents another stairway to heaven.  And probably a thousand other things.

This might be out there but when you think of pyramids you think of Egypt - Giza, which is right outside of Cairo.  "Cairo" means the exact same thing as does, "Mars" - that is - "combat."  So the orange sky and the pyramid together could represent Mars just as much as it could represent anything else, in my opinion.

(see below)

I could be wrong but I think this represents William also.  [#1] we have a meteor(?) coming out of nowhere and it's over the [#2] head of a figure that looks like William in his dress uniform (ie. the clothes he got married in.)

You will find an analysis of this mural other places on the internet and some refer the tree as a burning bush - but you can clearly see that this is not a burning bush but a meteor.

I see the meteor as representing Superman, a super man, an Ubermensh (super man/antichrist) and a man with 2 identities...

Below is a dumb video, but it contains many elements that I want you to see that have to do with Superman and him coming to Earth via a meteor shower...

The floor is not just representative of being Masonic, even moreso it represents the intermingling of man with angelic beings (Genesis 6.)

William at about age 12 or 13.  Notice on the right, not only is his eye obscured but the yellow tinting goes to his heart... (see below)

His feet are on the two different colored squares, he's an intermingled or perhaps an "alien" species.  Not only that but his feet are in a Masonic stance (1000th member of the Order of the Garter, an elite Masonic fraternity don't forget.)

Is he "alien?"  I think the day is coming where he will say, "We are all aliens."

This looks to be modern day people arguing with earlier day women(?) and other than that, I really have no opinion on this part of the picture because I simply haven't figured it out yet.  They do seem to be pointing to William, though (see below) who is on a completely different level than they are on.

What do you think of my arguments?

Baphomet/chakra found in the Brave film poster

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2012 Olympic Torch Relay and Stonehenge

On July 12, 2012, the Olympic Torch will be at Stonehenge.  The Druids are now an official religion in Wales and Britain and the leader of the Druids is a man named King Arthur Pendragon, no kidding.

The high holidays for the Druids are the two Solstices, Summer and Winter.

"Coincidentally," a film comes out next summer called, "Brave" that obviously deals with Stonehenge or something like Stonehenge, among other things (see the film poster below) and the film comes out the day after the 2012 Summer Solstice, which is also Prince William's XXXth birthday.

"Change Your Fate, Summer 2012" indeed!

[Thanks to the anonymous tipster who clued me in on this film!]

The ELP and Prince William

[In the comments section, someone brought up Gliese 581, the Earth-like Planet.  Since I have already written about this (in another place, last September) I will re-hash it and add a bit more.]

September 30, 2010

September 30, 2010

Raising Hope promo - which first aired September 21, 2010 - 

ELP = Earth-like planet with backwards 'E"

Hope = a black president

The Event, (backwards E) - a TV series about aliens and a black president

Black president = black prince...

A good friend of mine (Thanks "Z") pointed out that Emerson, Lake and Palmer put out a record called "Welcome Back" (aka "Welcome Back My Friends to the Show That Never Ends... Ladies and Gentlemen") which just "coincidentally" has a crest on the cover which looks an awful lot like this one...

The ELP album, "Welcome back" includes the song, "Jerusalem"  (aka "And Did Those Feet") - the William Blake poem set to music...

As we have already discovered, this was the closing song for William's royal wedding and seems to employ the idea of Britain = Zion, which is also a hidden meaning in the 2012 Olympic logo.

I honestly think I could show you pictures and write about this subject and it's connections ad nauseum as this subject literally goes on and on and on... and so many thousands of things are connected.

2012 Olympic Torch Relay begins at the tip of the (Little) Horn

entire list

The Horn/The Little Horn - home of King Arthur

Little Horn
Planets, sun and NEW MOON all line up at the first of the relay