Monday, April 23, 2012

Bob Schlenker's Part 13


Part 13 - 2012 London Olympics - Zion Control and Sorcery


  1. On the one hand, I enjoy reading Schenkler's posts.

    On the other hand, I don't trust him one bit.

    It's one thing to "out" the diabolical events of the Olympics. But if someone is pushing the belief in "nephilim"/ time travel/ mystical cubes with stargates/ "aliens are demons", then he is setting people up for a much greater deception. His "insight" is no different than 100's of other 2012 propagandists. (imo, "aliens" provide a decoy antichrist with decoy mark of the beast/ "alien implants".)

    Ah well, so be it. The beauty of what Satan is creating is that people will have all the evidence they want to see to validate whatever good or evil beliefs that reside in people's hearts.