Thursday, March 28, 2013

The twisted world of Time magazine

Above: the cover of the magazine released today.

Inside the magazine, this article, which says:
So if your child is immersed in scripture after school and prays regularly throughout the day, you may breathe a sigh of relief.  She’s such a good girl. My boy is okay.

Or maybe not. Your child’s devotion may be a great thing, but there are some kids whose religious observances require a deeper look. For these children, an overzealous practice of their family faith — or even another faith  — may be a sign of an underlying mental health issue or a coping mechanism for dealing with unaddressed trauma or stress.

The awesome insight of Bob Schlenker

Bob Schlenker is blessed with a very keen eye and spiritual insight.

Check out this for a teaser and then go check out his latest post:


Let us play,0,1536161.story
Invite Jesus and satan both?  Yeah, that's gonna work.


also on Drudge but do not have photo

March 28 (current), 2013


It's the economy, stupid

April 8, 2013 Time magazine

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Horn-Putnam Petrus Romanus update

Bob Schlenker on Pope Francis' Coat of Arms

Excellent stuff as always:

March 22 - 322

China to overtake America by 2016

Or, that's what it says...

It's talking about 'economy' but...

An interesting take on Pope Francis' new Coat of Arms


March 22/23, 2013 DrudgeReport
March 25, 2013 TIME

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Meltdown looms

DrudgeReport, March 21, 2013

Leno - Fallon: War on September 1?

'Extinct' = nuclear war?

Pope Twoface?

Cyprus - USA

A bit of a stretch, but Cyprus looks a bit like an exaggerated map of the continental USA:

March 25 - drop dead

Add this to Penta Gone/March 25.

And dumber

Penta Gone?

March 25 7:23:51 AM EDT


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Syrian rebels use chemical weapon
It's  ' fortunate ' for the Syrians that this bomb was directed at their own people, rather than the Israelis. 

However, this certainly has to have Israel on the edge of their seats, awaiting whatever next move the Syrians/rebels/whatever have up their sleeves.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Coming soon: Damascus goes away

One of the few non-Revelation prophecies of the Bible that hasn't happened yet.

The use of chemical weapons would surely be met with nuclear weapons against Damascus.

Angels and Demons

yesterday (see

yesterday (see

Angels and Demons Plot

(from wikipedia)

The plot follows Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon, as he tries to stop the Illuminati, a legendary secret society, from destroying Vatican City with the newly discovered power of antimatter.

CERN director Maximilian Kohler discovers one of the facility's physicists, Leonardo Vetra, murdered. His chest is branded with an ambigram of the word "Illuminati". Kohler contacts Robert Langdon, an expert on the Illuminati, who determines that the ambigram is authentic. Kohler calls Vetra's adopted daughter Vittoria to the scene, and it is ascertained that the Illuminati have stolen a canister containing antimatter — a substance with destructive potential comparable to a small nuclear weapon. When at CERN the canister is stored in a unique electrical charger which ensures the anti-matters stability but when removed its back-up battery provides power for 24 hours after which the anti-matter will self-destruct. The canister is somewhere in Vatican City, with a security camera in front of it, as its digital clock counts down to the explosion.
Langdon and Vittoria make their way to Vatican City, where the Pope has recently died. It is discovered that the four Preferiti, cardinals who are the most likely papal successor, are missing. Langdon and Vittoria search for the Preferiti in hopes that they will also find the antimatter canister. Their search is assisted by Camerlengo Carlo Ventresca (the late pope's closest aide) and the Vatican's Swiss Guard.
Langdon attempts to retrace the steps of the "Path of Illumination", a process once used by the Illuminati as a means of inducting new members; aspirants to the order were required to follow a series of subtle clues left in various landmarks in and around Rome. The clues indicate the secret meeting place of the Illuminati. Langdon sets off on the Path of Illumination in hopes of delivering the Preferiti and recovering the antimatter canister.

The Path leads Langdon to four locations in Rome, each associated with one of the primordial elements: 'Earth', 'Air', 'Fire', and 'Water'. Langdon finds one of the Preferiti murdered in a way thematically related to each location's related element. The first cardinal was branded with an Earth ambigram and had soil forced down his throat; the second was branded with an air ambigram and had his lungs punctured; the third was branded with a fire ambigram and was burned alive; and the fourth was branded with a water ambigram and was left to drown at the bottom of a fountain.

After finding the bodies of the first two Preferiti, Langdon hurries to the Santa Maria della Vittoria Basilica and finds the Preferiti's abductor in the act of setting the third cardinal on fire. The kidnapper is an unnamed assassin who is working under the orders of the Illuminati master "Janus", whose true identity is unknown. Commander Olivetti is killed and the assassin kidnaps Vittoria. Langdon escapes and accosts the assassin at the final element's landmark (Water), but is unable to save the cardinal.

Langdon must complete the Path of Illumination in order to find the assassin and rescue Vittoria. His search leads him to Castel Sant'Angelo, that hides a tunnel leading directly into the pope's chambers in the Vatican. Langdon frees Vittoria, and together they send the assassin falling several hundred feet to his death. The two hurry back to St. Peter's Basilica, where they find that Kohler has arrived to confront the camerlengo in private. Langdon and Vittoria fear that Kohler is Janus, and that he has come to murder the camerlengo. Hearing the camerlengo scream in agony from being branded with the Illuminati Diamond, the Swiss Guards burst into the room and open fire on Kohler. Just before he dies, Kohler gives Langdon a videotape that he claims will explain everything.

With time running out, the Swiss Guard evacuates the Basilica. The camerlengo rushes back in, claiming that he has received a vision revealing the location of the antimatter canister. With Langdon in pursuit, the camerlengo ventures into the catacombs and finds the canister sitting atop the tomb of Saint Peter. Langdon and the camerlengo retrieve the antimatter and get in a helicopter with only minutes to spare. The camerlengo manages to parachute safely onto the roof of St. Peter's just as the canister explodes harmlessly in the sky. The crowd in St. Peter's Square look in awe as the camerlengo stands triumphantly before them. Because of this "miracle", the papal conclave debate whether to elect the camerlengo as the new Pope. Langdon managed to survive the explosion by using a window cover from the helicopter as a parachute, and landed in the Tiber River

After viewing Kohler's tape Langdon, Vittoria, and the cardinals confront the camerlengo; Shortly before the beginning of the novel, the Pope met with Leonardo Vetra who believed that anti-matter was capable of establishing a link between Man and God. Vetra's beliefs caused great discomfort to the camerlengo. While discussing Vetra, the pope reveals that his support is due to science having given him a son. Without waiting to hear the explanation (that the child was the result of artificial insemination), and horrified that the Pope appeared to have broken his vow of chastity, the camerlengo plots to "rectify" the situation. He poisoned the pope and, under the guise of an Illuminati master (Janus), he recruited the assassin, to kill Vetra, steal the antimatter, and kidnap and murder the Preferiti. The Camerlengo planted the antimatter in St. Peter's in order to be seen as the savior of Christendom. The Illuminati "involvement" was merely a plot engineered by the camerlengo to cover his own plans. It is revealed that Camerlengo Ventresca himself was the birth son of the late pope, conceived through artificial insemination. Overcome with guilt Ventresca soaks himself in oil and immolates himself before a crowd of onlookers in St. Peter's Square.

True or not, how "the end" is making itself known via the pope

You might remember yesterday I "pontificated" (har har) that Pope Francis certainly didn't seem much like Petrus Romanus to me (well, I didn't actually say that, but I hope that came across.)

That being said, it's only been a couple of days and there are already three things that point to "the end."

Firstly, he's supposedly Petrus Romanus - ie. the last pope before Rome is destroyed.

Then there was the whole "end of the earth" thing (he said these words himself):

Then there is the omega connection.  Omega = the end/the last/the final.  His father is from Tuscany, Italy:

omega in the tail

Despite the fact that he was born in Argentina, he is Italian.  But certainly, it doesn't seem if Peter is his name nor is he from Rome.


A lil bird told me

My boyfriend woke up last night at 4am saying he had dreamed of a new pope called "Francis I" and today Benedict renounces  (Feb 11)

I've seen forum posts - more than a month old - where people swore they had inside knowledge that the pope would come from Argentina.

An oldie but goody

Missed this...

Norovirus or See, they ARE connected

Pandora's box

Juxtaposition (III)

Perhaps my most favorite of all:

The keys on the left:

Interesting choice of words