Monday, March 18, 2013

The devil you know


  1. Son of Perdition ~ Reprobate mind ... the profanity of the age.

  2. In my line of work, there is an axiom that says 'if it's obvious, then it's obviously wrong'.

    In my humble opinion there is just way too much stuff that makes Obama look like the endtime anti-Christ. I suspect that he is just the decoy that allows the real endtime anti-Christ to be inserted appearing as a Messiah.

    The Elect will be deceived.

  3. Interesting that Jesus supposedly rode into Jerusalem a few days before Passover on a Donkey (beast) to meet his fate at the hands of the 'chief priests and scribes', and that Obama's black limo, referred to as 'The Beast' breaks down in Israel just days also before Passover. Interesting also is that the Democratic party uses a Donkey as their symbol. Could Obama be symbolic of the Antichrist, the false King who will deceive millions?

  4. Thanks for all of the comments.

    IMO, Obama is AN antichrist but there is no way he is THE antichrist. Satan must have dozens of men ready to be the false messiah for he doesn't know exactly when he will need THE ONE.

    Some men are set up to be the perfect antichrist (such as William) even via the aspect of astrology (written in the stars) however, we know astrology is usually wrong, don't we?

    The short answer is, it doesn't matter what we think, we don't know who the ac will be. We don't know when the tribulation will come to pass. That doesn't mean we won't know 'the season' (aka 'fig tree') but I think we are looking at a ten year window.

    At any rate, I'm excited about the day when my Savior will come for me! How can a Christian NOT be excited about these end times?