Sunday, February 24, 2013

2013: Year of the comets


Babymoon has a couple different meanings, none which apply to this (though the word is still used) -
Of course the word moon is involved, thus referencing Diana.  The moon controls the tides as well.

Visual Papal Timeline

Re-examining Hildegarde

Last year, I posted about Hildegarde but now that the pope has stepped down, her prophecies are worth a second look.  If you will take the time to read this, I think it will open your eyes.

Once again, the only prophecies I adhere to are in God's Word, the Bible.  I present these to you to possibly show an agenda.

Tom Horn (February 20) on podcast

Tom Horn, co-writer of Petrus Romanus, was recently on a podcast.  Catch it here.  (Hat tip to Bob Schlenker)

Video of lightning striking St. Peter's Basilica (February 12, 2013)

 Hat tip to Bob Schlenker

Friday, February 22, 2013

Blackmail/Vatican and December 17

Okay okay it's the whole Vatican is gay thing.  I didn't want to read it either.

But there is something important in the article:
The paper said the pope had taken the decision on 17 December that he was going to resign – the day he received a dossier compiled by three cardinals delegated to look into the so-called "Vatileaks" affair.
For those who can't count, that's 4 days before December 21 ("the end of the world.")  And figuratively, if nothing else, that would have been the end of the world for the Vatican if these things are true and a big deal is made of it.

Which goes back to the Horn/Putnam book, Petrus Romanus, where 2012 is the focus, not 2013.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

UFO's and mind control = not news anymore

I was just looking around at my list of websites I go to and I realized how when I saw a close-up photo of a newly spotted UFO, that I said to myself, "Who cares?"

And then I saw a nicely-written article with great graphics about mind control and programming in pop music and I yawned.

There is SO much of that stuff and more out there that if you are looking, you see it everywhere - and I mean everywhere.  And then there are those who do not look at anything but Facebook and Pintrest and those places and when something goes down, then are going to wonder where did this come from? 

With so much information available - and SO MUCH BAD NEWS happening all of the time (most of it leaning on the prophetic side) - you wonder how people can be oblivious to the world around them?

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see a world that's not just deteriorating but falling apart at the moral seams - and worse, it seems like the book of Revelation has opened up and we live in a pop-up book.

Ten years ago, mind control was spooky; it's now boring.  And UFO photos and videos are so prevelant, I stopped long ago paying attention.

Drudge predicting fumata bianca for Cardinal Dolan?

Drudge Feb. 21, 2012 (white smoke)

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Popes have been steered into prophecy

Paraphrasing John Hogue who was on Coast to Coast AM radio last evening:
When Pope John Paul II died (April 2, 2005), the Vatican waited SIX days to bury him (April 8) so that he could be buried on the day of an annular solar eclipse (St. Malachy had nicknamed him De Labore Solis or The Labor of the Sun.)  So the Vatican purposely waited six days to fulfill the prophecy.  Then, Pope Ratzinger purposely chose the name Benedict so that he would continue the prophecy.  (He was not Benedictine.)
This is what I was telling you all earlier last week; the Vatican has purposely steered this prophecy to come true and I have no doubt that the next pope will somehow fulfill the Petrus Romanus prophecy.

2013: The Year of the witch?

Chris Putnam: Petrus Romanus @Branson, Mo. 2012

Goro Adachi's golden ratio find

Have a look here.

The author of the graphic and post there left out something very important; 'polar' is synonymous with 'Arthur' and Arthur is synonymous with 'King Arthur.'

The Russian meteor took place just a few days prior to Kate (Catalina Island) showing off her bump (the word 'bump' literally means 'to strike heavily' & 'to make a booming noise'.)

Pope speaks of Petrus Romanus?

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Scratch your head (part 2)

Quite obvious the above is from a Cathlic-based website, yet definately the author has read the Tom Horn/Christ Putnam book about Petrus Romanus and the destruction of Rome.  The website is eerie and there are 2 live feeds there of Rome.  Very unnerving and apocolytic.  I encourage you to go and check it out.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Comments working now

Comments working now...

Papal conclave MAY start March1st

see video:

From 1999 - Pope hit with a meteorite

Another Illuminati card (meteor strike)

They seem to foretell the future:

Unrelated sky objects on Friday, makes yout think

The bottom left of the above graphic testifies to the fact that Cuba indeed also had a meteor on Friday.  Russia, Cuba, San Francisco plus the flyby of the asteroid - all from different directions and none related - ought to turn your head.

You know what I've found?  I find that talking to random people about the end times and signs - they are scared.  They don't want to talk about it.  They want to pretend these things do not exist.  4 different meteors and asteroids on the same day, all unrelated?  Petrus Romaus?  Daylight comet?  No one wants to hear that.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Meteor(s) and asteroid were completely unconnected

Asteroids... the most important video you will see today

Please watch the whole thing!


Another meteorite explodes over Cuba

"Residents of a locality 'in the central region of Cuba said they had seen an object that fell from the sky and exploded with a great noise, which shook the houses of the place: it is learned from testimonies collected by local television.

"In a report released this morning by Rodas, town in the province of Cienfuegos, witnesses described a very bright light that has come to have large size, comparable to that of a bus, before exploding in the sky."


Once and Future Pope/King

Yesterday, the new Time cover came out with the pope on the front with the phrase: "The Once and Future Pope."

This is a bit complicated and I am rotten at explaining things, so try and follow along.

I believe the next pope will be the false prophet of the Bible.  The false prophet is the forerunner to the antichrist.  As a matter of fact, he's going to be very much like the antichrist, with the exception that he will be a spiritual leader rather than a political leader.  The Bible describes him as having horns like a lamb but speaking like a dragon.  This seems obvious that it's a spiritual leader who says one thing but does another.

The fact that the false prophet is a forerunner to the beast/antichrist, should show you why the Time magazine cover reads the way it does.  It's an OBVIOUS reference to King Arthur.  King Arthur is known as "The Once and Future King" and I believe the Bible refers to King Arthur as well in Reverlation 17:8: The beast that thou sawest was, and is not; and shall ascend out of the bottomless pit, and go into perdition: and they that dwell on the earth shall wonder, whose names were not written in the book of life from the foundation of the world, when they behold the beast that was, and is not, and yet is.

Was and is - once and right now - future.

My personal view of Petrus Romanus

I've mentioned in the past that I have no use for Nostradamus.  Nor astrology.  I had no use for the Mayan calendar.  And I have no use for St. Malachy and his list of popes.

However, it's pretty obvious that many people DO believe in these things.  And in the case of Malachy's Petrus Romanus, it's even more clear that in the last 50 or so years (especially) that the Roman Catholic church has forced/prodded/encouraged popes to manipulate certain facts or choose particular identifications to adhere to St. Malachy's prophecies.

I can assume with a great reassurance that the next pope will be prodded/chosen along the same lines.  While the official line is that the Catholics care nothing about Malachy's prophecy, we know they really do (hence, why were the last popes' identities changed to fit the prophecy?)

While I care nothing about prophecies and soothsayers, the concept/conspiracy of Petrus Romanus is a totally different creature.  Petrus Romanus is more than a pope, it's (I believe) a supernatural identity.  It's the whole "the seven heads are seven mountains on which the woman sitteth" type thing.  I do believe it/he is real.

Stuff you have to read

Really important and timely stuff from the Running From Babylon blog:

Russian meteor hits a zinc factory

Zinc = Z = last = omega = end


HEY! WAKE UP! (part 2)

You ever feel like God is yelling at you?


  • 2012 was known as "the year the world was to end."
  • December 21, 2012 was known as "the day the world was to end." 
  • TODAY, a meteorite hits Russia, injuring over 950 people.
  • TODAY, an asteroid is to pass by the earth, the closest in recorded history.
  • The next pope - set to take over in March, will be known as Petrus Romanus - ie. THE FINAL POPE, ie. THE POPE WHO WILL SERVE DURING THE TRIBULATION.
  • This summer, a probable daylight comet.

meteorite = fireworks?

meteorite = fireworks?

Russian meteorite

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Viva la Vida again

Strange. The once and future pope


"red white blue tail"

Bullet in the chamber

EXACTLY as scripted

(the Face on Mars idea is that of Goro Adachi.)


You ever feel like God is yelling at you?

  • 2012 was known as "the year the world was to end."
  • December 21, 2012 was known as "the day the world was to end." 
  • Friday, an asteroid is to pass by the earth, the closest in recorded history.
  • The next pope - set to take over in March, will be known as Petrus Romanus - ie. THE FINAL POPE, ie. THE POPE WHO WILL SERVE DURING THE TRIBULATION.
  • This summer, a probable daylight comet.

Demon star & the pope

The right eye of Medusa (in the constellation Perseus) is the Demon Star, Algol.  It is CLEARLY depicted this way in the dress Nikki Minaj wore at the 2012 Grammys.


Pope Superman wins easily

One of the anagrams of Petrus Romanus is:  Superman Routs