Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Popes have been steered into prophecy

Paraphrasing John Hogue who was on Coast to Coast AM radio last evening:
When Pope John Paul II died (April 2, 2005), the Vatican waited SIX days to bury him (April 8) so that he could be buried on the day of an annular solar eclipse (St. Malachy had nicknamed him De Labore Solis or The Labor of the Sun.)  So the Vatican purposely waited six days to fulfill the prophecy.  Then, Pope Ratzinger purposely chose the name Benedict so that he would continue the prophecy.  (He was not Benedictine.)
This is what I was telling you all earlier last week; the Vatican has purposely steered this prophecy to come true and I have no doubt that the next pope will somehow fulfill the Petrus Romanus prophecy.

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