Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Davy Jones' Locker = Jonah?

Or so the Etymology Dictionary seems to think:

Recall yesterday I posted about an historical find involving Jonah!

Davy Jones' locker

Davy Jones 1945-2012

May to early June Sky video

I just made a new video showing the sky from London from May 1 - June 6th (the Venus Transit.)

There are some interesting things happening in the sky involving the sun during this time (the moon too but that's another video.)  Enjoy.

Can cloning ressurect extinct species?

Another old story

Again, something I didn't post before when it first was available; may not important to Acceleration - still an odd story:

Ground Zero two?

Vigilant Citizen: Bobby Brown’s Sister Leolah: “I believe Whitney’s death was not accidental”

Bobby Brown’s Sister Leolah: “I believe Whitney’s death was not accidental”

Speak of the devil...

19 Kids and Counting

This is kind of old news but it's something that was missed earlier...

Thanks, Mark!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Clif High, March the 2nd and nuclear war

Clif High (the web bot guy), who has predicted nuclear war before and was wrong, predicts that March the 2nd there will be a false flag attack in the Persian Gulf which will result in nuclear war.

Dark Knight Flu (aka Bat Flu)


Costa Concordia = Concordia means harmony.
Costa Allegra's captain is Cosimo Nicastro = Cosimo means harmony.


An interesting historical find

Jupiter/Venus conjunction March 12/13

Someone wrote and asked me the actual date of the Venus/Jupiter conjuction next month.

I apologize, I somehow how lost your letter.

However, the dates are March 12/13...

Here's a closeup of the planets during that time:

Unlike the moon, planets do not move nearly as quickly and sometimes even go backwards (called 'retrograde') and can appear to remain in nearly the same spots for months.

From the above screenshot, it's hard to tell how close they are but juxtapose it against the screenshot below:

Phoneix eruption

Coming soon: the Economic 911

Has Israel already destroyed Iran's nuclear program?

Don't miss Part 17

Bob Schlenker's Part 17 of the Sodomite Gateway is something you should not miss!

As a matter of fact, read his whole blog - I promise you, you will learn a lot!

Smash - like a pancake

While the Kim Jong Il urn gag may or may not have serious overtones, one thing it does supply is another "smash" reference as Baron Cohan says the ashes was just pancake mix.

Pancake mix = "flat as a pancake" = "Smash."

And I truly believe Smash is not just a MM (Marilyn Monroe) reference but also a stock market fall signal.

Judgement Day

Why all the talk about ships?

If you follow the blog, you see me refer to ships and boats a lot.

I've been taking it for granted that everyone reads every post and knows exactly where I am going.  I know, however, that is not really what happens.  And those who only read now and then probably see something with a boat reference or a drowning reference and shake their heads: "Jeff Davis III is an idiot."

However, this is 2012.  While I know for a fact the world is not going to end for at least 7 more years, 2012 does "represent" the "end of the world."

The Noah's Ark on the Thames come time for the Olympics ought to hammer home the "Days of Noe" idea as well.

But the main reason I have been focusing so much on boats/ships really has to do with Queen Elizabeth II.  After all, a ship (albeit a retired ship) has the same name (QEII.)

The 2012 Diamond Jubilee is all about the 1000 boats floating down the Thames River this year.  The bonfires (beacons), bells, back to back astrological occult days... or what I have called, The Killer B's.

There is more but once you have this knowledge, you should be able to research on your own and put the puzzle together.  Simply read all of the stuff here:

Diamond Jubilee / Bells /2012 Beacons & Bonfires / Venus Transit / / / Dec. 21 2012

Costa Allegra and Daniel's kingdoms

Friend to the blog, Deckard, has some great insight.  He emailed me recently with more of the same (the below are his own words):

The Costa Allegra has had 5 names.  Might they represent Daniels kingdoms?

Daniel's Empires:

1. Annie (Grace)                John|son           John (Yahweh is generous)                + son
Yahweh is the impersonator God (Satan) the Jews brought from Babylon where they were "created" for the "Great Plan". A fitting name for the Whore Babylon where it all began. It's where Satan's regime over "the world" started.

2. Regent (ruler, governor)                Moon = Silver, Crescent (as a symbol)
The second Empire is the Persian empire or "Silver Empire".

3. Alexandra                =                Alexander, the Macedonian
The third Empire is the Macedonian Empire formed by Alexander.

4. Costa                (Costs, Coast)                   Allegra                (Joy)
The Roman Empire. Quite decadent it  fell.

5. Allegra (Joy)
The "new" Roman Empire is the EU (well technically the world as the USA are a company of Britain ...) but symbolically let's stay with the EU. Remember the Whore of Babylon being dragged into the middle of the stadium at the Super Bowl?

And now - like n the days of Noah - while they were full of joy .... the rest is history. Somebody sets the engine that keeps the ship/system running on fire.

Costa Allegra conicidences already piling up

The Costa Allegra has gone through a few names.  It's first was "Annie Johnson" and it's maiden voyage was April 29, 1969.

April 29 represents the date William and Kate were married in 2011.

1969 was the year that Prince Charles was investured - that is, received his crown on his knees (ie. the 2012 Olympic logo!)

As a matter of fact, the crippled ship is to make landfall today at the very island that William and Kate stayed at for holiday purposes years ago:

Don't you love coincidences?

Beacons = bonfires

We had been told a while back that 2012 beacons would be lit for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.  Stupid me, thought they were talking about "lights" of some sort.

The lights turn out to be bonfires.

Bonfires are for human or animal sacrifices.  Don't believe me?  Look at the etymology of the word: 

Do not forget that June 4th features a partial lunar eclipse and a lunar-comet eclipse right afterwards, followed the next day by the Venus Transit.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Almost everyone drowned (Part II)
I didn't actually read the above the first time around; but after reading it, I am rather in shock.

Yeah. but for what?

Allegra means "lively" or even "gay" (as in happy) and to me, points again to Viva la Vida (long live life.)

The "long live" theme really seems strong lately.  But it refers to a replacement of power - one had a good, long life, now it's someone else's turn to take power.  At least, this is the way I see it and is at least partly the meaning of the Coldplay song, Viva la Vida.

The bells theme fits perfectly with this as well.  As do drownings, ships/boat, Queen Elizabeth etc.

The golden month

2012 Oscars - "Almost everyone drowned"

Followers of this blog will take note of the sum up of the 2012 Oscars:

6 urns and 1 urn

Previously, we saw 6 urns at the Super Bowl halftime show:

The 6 urns seemed to represent 6 days until Whitney Houston passed away.

The one urn in the previous post, was representing the ashes of Kim Jong Il (yes, I know it wasn't really his ashes but that's what it represents, nonethless.)

The sprinkling of the ashes of Kim Jong-Il represents his "rebirth" on a red carpet.

Recall that Kim Jong-Un has been represented twice with red water (check this post from February 17, 2012) both times, poisonous.

The red carpet represents another "red water" and sprinkling of ashes represents a "rebirth" to the dead.

The one urn could represent a passage of one full day (the Super Bowl urns seem to imply a passage of 6 days.)

A rebirth of Kim Jung-Il could easily be represented in his son, Kim Jong-Un and Monday night seems like it would be the time, if things are being represented correctly.

Might North Korea make a sudden military move?  They have been in the news the past week or so again, threatening South Korea.


For the second time this month, an urn makes a national TV appearance this time at the Oscar awards.

Big bell

A few weeks ago, when I was "laying low" I believe there was something I did not post that's very important and it's this article here:

I'm pretty sure I pointed to a recent Bob Schlenker post when this came out but now at least it's on the blog here.

Other than the huge bell that is being cast and other bells as well (from what I understand, everyone in England, Wales, Scotland, etc is strongly invited to ring a bell at the opening) notice the words that Danny Boyle uses:

He said: "You are standing on the shoulders of giants when you do this kind of job. 

Thanks Raph!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Vice President Mars Red

Marco Rubio = Mars Red - remember, that's the color of the year!

Mohamad Atta used in advert

The Wolf Gift

We know that the dog named "Lupo" (wolf) was a gift from William, the Duke of Cambridge to his wife, Kate:

We know the name of the dog, which was a closely-held secret for 6 weeks, was accidentally revealed just after Lupercalia, which is a pagan holiday partly named for a she-wolf, according to Wikipedia.

On St. Valentine's Day (another pagan holiday) Anne Rice's new book came out, The Wolf Gift which she describes in this video:

It all seems a little too coincidental, considering we've been told months ago that Kensington Palace (where Kate currently lives) has been cursed.

Thanks to David!

It tolls for thee

Friday, February 24, 2012


Tomorrow (today in London) is 222 days to go until the Olympics
However, click a link and you will see the days "spin" and if you stop it right, well...

Diamond Jubilee Egg

Tomb? (Whitney Houston)

While a grave is actually a "tomb" it seems the proper word for where Houston is buried would be a "grave."  Am I wrong?

Ding! Viva la Vida (Long live)

Taco Bell is changing their slogan to "Live Mas" which means, live more or the same thing, basically, as Viva la Vida.     

Pink Jubilee
And 1947 pops up again to boot.


Fingers everywhere this year

The nephilim agenda

It's not just in the Western world.  This is a team from Australia:

Viva la Vida (Part II)

Add caption

May 19-20 G8 Summit, Chicago

in Taurus the Bull
If you follow this blog you know that anytime the moon is darkened (new moon phase or eclipse) usually the powers that be are up to no good.