Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Goro Adachi's golden ratio find

Have a look here.

The author of the graphic and post there left out something very important; 'polar' is synonymous with 'Arthur' and Arthur is synonymous with 'King Arthur.'

The Russian meteor took place just a few days prior to Kate (Catalina Island) showing off her bump (the word 'bump' literally means 'to strike heavily' & 'to make a booming noise'.)


  1. Sort of related to both Goro's post and yours, Polaris, the North Star, is part of Ursa Minor, or Little Bear.

    The bear on the California State flag is fashioned after the last wild California Grizzly bear in captivity. Its name was 'Monarch'.

    After its death in 1911, the bear was mounted and is on display in Golden Gate Park, in San Francisco.

  2. Actually, now that I think about it, the recent manhunt for Christopher Dornier seems connected since he was holed up in Bear Mountain, specifically Big Bear Ski resort.