Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Eschatology: why so serious?


  1. Good catch.

    About frickin time they get around to addressing the elephant in the room.

    1st has to come the Psalm 83 war which brings Gog/ the bear/ Russia to prominence (and puts the US into shambles - the bear plucks the wings (US) off the lion (UK (Dan 7)).
    Then the Ezekiel 38/ 39 (1st)Gog war at Passover 2014 where Israel starts to burn the weapons for 7 years (the tribulation period). It's the death of Gog and the leader of the EU (Dan 8's Ram (Russia/ the bear) and goat (the EU soon to be 4 headed leopard) are "sacrificed") to start the 3rd Temple again. As per Dan 8, this kicks off the 2300 days to cleanse the temple.

  2. Christian church opens door to Muslims -