Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Five questions for Brian

Brian runs The Newspaceman blog and I find it to contain some of the most-informative material on the internet.  Brian graciously took time to answer 5 questions (actually 6)...

ACCELERATION: Being in Britain (Scotland, right?) you are so much more familiar with a lot of "British" things that we in the states are not. Your perspective then is much greater when it comes to things like the Royal Family and the upcoming events that are scheduled to take place this summer. Please tell me what it is you are watching closely now and in the near future involving the Queen's Jubilee and the Olympics and whatever else you think is significant.

BRIAN  - I am in Scotland, yes, near Edinburgh. Thus, I am watching Scotland and her forthcoming "independence" from the rest of the UK, seeing it more as an alchemical process of dissolution in order that a larger, global, entity (United Kingdom) can be formed. One has to look back to James 6th and Ist, a "unifier" of the UK and additionally a critical person in terms of the Bible and it's distribution to the masses. My understanding is that the PTB (powers that be) practice "magic" and alchemy and the game plan is to reduce all the available materials, i.e. countries, to their base parts in order that the "gold" - a global United Kingdom - can be formed. The reason for Scotland seems to be that she is the root of the society we live in, you just need to look at your Declaration of Independence, which was based on Scotland's. As a side note, when the Stone of Destiny (Jacob's pillow stone) was "repatriated" on Christmas Day 1950, it was returned to Arbroath Abbey on 11th April 1951. Arbroath Abbey is the "home" of Scotland's independence, 11th April seems "special" to the the PTB, for example Prince William got his military "wings" on that date, Christmas speaks for itself. Scotland is nowadays being portrayed as a pioneer in terms of green energy whilst the inbuilt racial/religious prejudices are no longer socially acceptable. The Olympics seem also to be about the promotion of Britain as a central, cultural, iconic figure and I have read recently that "posh" Brits are leading the way in the USA.

ACCELERATION: There are major astrological events that coincide with the Queen's Diamond Jubilee bank holidays (partial lunar eclipse and the Venus Transit.) In your opinion, for what purpose were the two extra bank holidays added to the Diamond Jubilee (June 4/5) and if do you believe something sinister is set up to take place?

BRIAN  - I would say that the two holidays were added as a feel-good factor for the general population in terms of the monarchy. As regards something sinister, well the whole thing is but I don't see terrorism as a catalyst. One has to look at the security for the Olympics and how this will be the pattern for the future. Obviously if there is an "event", then the security will seem justified, but, realistically the average citizen seems happy enough to have their personal liberties constricted in these manufactured troubled times.

ACCELERATION: I think a lot of people, including myself, tend to disregard Princes Charles as a force to be reckoned with in the future. In other words, I think most people tend to overlook him as being next in line as being the King of England. What chance is there that he would step aside and allow William to reign next? What name do you think he would choose if he became king and would you look seriously at him to be a messiah figure if not -straight out- the antichrist?

BRIAN  - Often it is stated in the media that Charles will automatically become King given the rights of succession which is true, although he does indeed have the power to abdicate immediately, thus providing the kingship for Wills. Given the manner it is portrayed that he treated Princess Diana, and indeed Camilla, I feel that the media are easily able to appear to force his hand. Appearances can be deceptive. There is also the question of the Queen, but, if "my" theories are correct, then "she" will surely find publically most-acceptable way to stand down from her role. I think he will choose the name Arthur and he is already almost a Messiah figure, certainly in terms of his mother and her influence. As regards being the antichrist, well, that is his role, you have to bear in mind that the religious worship of Jesus is not something that Jesus himself would have desired, nor all the churches and wars in his name.

ACCELERATION: The Royals have an appearance as being very good people; charitable, kind, etc. I know this is a 'front' but do your best to explain to my readers your feelings on this.

BRIAN  - In order to perform bad/evil deeds, one must also perform good deeds to compensate. This is my understanding. However, often one looks at the bulk of humanity and wonders about the days of Noah, and wonders if the PTB are really doing a "bad" thing if they do unleash some sort of plague/virus and/or act out the script of the Book of Revelation, wiping "us" from the face of the earth. After all, we are a dirty, destructive creature. What is good and what is bad, in the grand scheme of things.

ACCELERATION: Please tell us about your fantastic website.

BRIAN  - I started off writing about the televised news programmes for the previous evening on BBC, as I felt that the media/television has a far greater grip on the collective thinking/unthinking mass. Obviously I had an interest in what I write about now and often tried to incorporate my own picture on the jigsaw puzzle box - Prince William - into it. The day the Treaty of Lisbon was signed I noted a lot, yet no-one else seemed to write about it. I wrote about that. somehow it got on Red Ice, then headed in this direction. Sometimes I get really demotivated about it, I certainly don't see it as being fantastic.

Bonus question....

ACCELERATION: This year marks the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic. Why is this event (and shipwrecks in general - ie. the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics) playing such a huge part in the planned summer events?

BRIAN  - No idea Jeff, what I would say though is that all our laws are based on maritime law, so it is maybe more to do with the sea, perhaps symbolically. Perhaps it alludes to a a shipwreck for collective humanity.


  1. "you have to bear in mind that the religious worship of Jesus is not something that Jesus himself would have desired"

    I wonder where he got that.

    "often one looks at the bulk of humanity and wonders if the PTB are really doing a "bad" thing if they do unleash some sort of plague/virus wiping "us" from the face of the earth. After all, we are a dirty, destructive creature."

    Wow! that is precious. Note to self: never visit Brian's fantastic blog.

  2. Can you let me know where/when Jesus said we should religiously worship him please - just for enlightenment. Also, what about the churches and wars, you missed that bit out/took the quote out of context. I was, in fact, hinting towards something else regarding the "worship" of Jesus, maybe that is your dilemma.

    And, sorry, but we are a dirty destructive creature.

    cheers, brian