Monday, August 20, 2012

Curiosity kills the Coronation stone (er..rock)

The rock is the size of a fist -- rule with an iron fist?


  1. On Augst 15th it was reported that the wreck of the expedition ship of "Robert Falcon SCOTT" named "Terra Nova" ("New Earth") was found.

    On August 18th singer SCOTT McKenzie died. Real name: Phillip Wallach Blondheim. Funny cause "Phillip" means "Lover of Horses" and "Wallach" is the german word for a gelding.

    On August 19th movie director Tony SCOTT commits suicide by jumping from a bridge without hesitation (seems he was "Unstoppable").

    No insight to what anything means ... just found that connections.

  2. I missed another "Scott" who also made news on August 15th:

    Glendale Galleria bans man after incident with girls. "Scott Basko" or "Scott Hollywood".