Thursday, August 2, 2012

Simpsons at the 2012 Olympics

I don't see any clues - but I am hoping my astute readers will see something that I missed.


  1. skul:skull/row:battle
    headtrip onthames:
    going under bridge?
    up the creek w/o paddle
    or working against yourself
    twin-ned towers:narcissism to extreme:face-to-face/booked
    lost to greed & self infatuation
    taste of silver?hmmm

  2. The 2 twins looked liked Arnold Schwarzenegger.

    Movie "Twins" and "7th Day"
    (Genetic manipulation"

    Gemini Twins Castor and Pollux
    sons of Zeus.

    Tarot card the lovers are also known as the twins.

  3. It's a little dark, and in the spirit of Bob Schlenker's work, but here goes....

    The use of two sets of twins evoke 11:11 which is a gateway number. The two canoes may also be another 11.

    The use of twins also evoke something about genetics/DNA as they are a genetic anomaly (for lack of a better term). They are also in a race, i.e. it's a human race.

    I suspect that inference on the Simpson's show is that the sisters are homosexual, as they are not married, and the brothers kissing at the end, goes along with this theme.

    Bottom line, this video is about the sodomite gateway, and is possibly implying that this is humanity's destiny. At least that's from the standpoint of the Illuminati, not from mine. ;-)

    The Big Ben phallic symbol at the end is just to let us know who is behind it all.

  4. Mark:

    You are the winner winer
    of the CHick-fil-A dinner!

  5. but I ordered the steak!!! :)

  6. The Simpsons in the 2012 Olympics that many people are talking about is how the logo of the 2012 Olympics looks vaguely like Bart and Lisa Simpson doing an impolite act.

    odd, i didn't know we had double-decker buses in the US, only in London

  8. The double-decker bus thing is interesting to me. A twin is also a double.. A deck of cards usually comes with two jokers in it. I also thought that Obama was holding the bat as if he was 'on deck', i.e he's batting next.

  9. After appealing to Larry Summers for help, one of the rowing twins yells "Pull!" as they pass Big Ben. It brought to mind Larry Silverstein's "Pull it" quote after 9/11. "Maybe the smartest thing to do is just pull it. And they made that decision to pull and then we watched the building collapse." Perhaps yet another reference to Big Ben's destruction?