Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Another sinking ship



  1. Felix = Fortunate
    Baum = German for "Tree" = "Tree of Life" = "Pillar" = "Osiris" as he was the one buried in a box which grew into a tree
    Gartner = Gardener = "Green Man" = "Osiris"

    So he's cast down from the Heavens and lands in "Roswell" ... nearby the 'Bitter Lake' and the 'Bottomless Lakes'. You're watching Revelation 8:10-11. 'Wormwood' is already being played out (it was announced with the first DRAGON SpaceX testflight COTS-1 with the hidden payload that suggested milk and they brought back cheese. In Germany we had it last week played out with 'bitter' fruits from the earth: About 11,000 sick students because of 'strawberries' which were corrupted.

    SpaceX is showung us the same show btw: The DRAGOn returns from IS(I)S with urine and blood from space - symbolically bringing back 'Life NOT From this Earth' to the Ground.
    You saw it played out yesterday on Mars with Curiosity who took a sample and 'chewed on it' and 'spit it out' out on the Ground again.