Thursday, October 4, 2012

Whitney umbrella?/Denver we have a problem!


  1. Please example a little more. Not getting your connection. Thanks!

  2. Pointed to in red - Whitney's #1 song of all time - but in this case, refers to Michelle Obama.

    Whitney died not long after a ritual performed at the Super Bowl, decoded as a "Whitney Umbrella."

    "UH O" at top reminds me of "Houston we have a problem" (Whitney Houston.) In this case it's "Denver we have a problem."

    It's a signal that Michelle is in trouble.

  3. When Obama's were on The View, they talked about their anniversary, first kiss at Baskin-Robbins, etc. and Joy Behar blurted out "It's like Romeo and Juliet". Just a sync I picked up on, we know how that story ended. I think they both are in danger spot.

    Here's a link, Joy says it around 6 minute's in. I think there's much more to pick up on in that interview too and for some reason John Denver and his "plane crash" keeps popping up in my mind: