Thursday, December 22, 2011

The black prince?

from Google News


  1. From the article:
    "The Duke later invited Miss Boateng to demonstrate the routine to the rest of the crowd. 'He made up this dance, we both made it up, you dust your shoulder off twice,' she explained."

    This refers to this in rap circles:
    "dust dirt off your shoulders

    To step up. The origin of this term comes from a story in which a donkey falls into a well and cannot get out. The farmer tries to get the donkey out by rope, unsuccessful in his attempt. He decides, instead, to just give up and bury the donkey in the well. As the farmer begins filling the hole with dirt, the donkey becomes depressed, realizing that all of the dirt on his shoulders and back were going to eventually bury him. He then thought of an idea: I can just shake it off and step up.

    Therefore, he could just die by doing nothing and getting buried, or shake the dirt off his shoulders and step up to the occasion. So when you have a problem, will you shake it off and step up or be buried? "

    Seems to be a reference to his "resurrection".

  2. Thanks for the comment. Very possible!