Saturday, December 24, 2011

Lovejoy = killjoy?

With the heart attack of the Duke of Edinburgh (Queen Elizabeth's husband to us non-European folk) - you can see perhaps Comet Lovejoy's hand: first the fall of Kim Jong-Il, the pope's health makes the top of the DrudgeReport and now this event - all within one week or so of the comet "losing its head" and only the tail surviving.

There's an old saying that, you cut off its head" when you want to kill the whole of something (such as a country.)

The other day I mentioned the old Chinese tale (no pun intended) of what a comet means but there are others.

Comet tails look like hair and therefore a broom and even in the Western culture, the comet is a "sweeper" or a "broom" that supposedly sweeps away leaders, especially kings or king figures.

Is this what we are seeing?

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