Saturday, December 24, 2011

Pan Arab Games Opening Ceremony

I just became aware this morning that on December 9th of this year, the Pan Arab Games began.  They ended yesterday.

I was fortunate to come across some photos of the Opening Ceremonies.  I can't describe the entire ceremony but there are a few clues provided in the photographs to show what it was all about.

The first few pictures provided show a tower, much like a Tower of Babel, something that seems to show up in most of the recent ceremonies of this kind.  I don't believe the Pan Arab games are sanctioned by the Olympic Committee, so they seem either be copying or they are "led" to do this.

(Click any of the photos to enlarge)

I have no idea in which these items were revealed to the audience.  However, what I will show you next is a many-headed beast rising out of the sea...

Straight out of the Biblical book of Revelation, so far.

Next, a dead dragon appears to come to life...

Then a few photos of a man on a  white horse...

For people who obviously do not believe the Bible, God's Word, they sure seem to be using the book of Revelation as a guide to how their Opening Ceremonies should go.

Oddly, I could find no DNA signals.


  1. the tower (of Babel) could be seen as symbolic of the DNA spiral

  2. Just when I think it can't get any more surreal...

    In Christ,
    Jeff ('JRed')