Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The sun god and The Millies

The Sun, a major newspaper in London, gave out awards last night to military heroes in Britain.  The awards are referred to as, "The Millies."

As you can see by the red carpet and the later arrival of many British film, TV stars and athletes, not to mention the three-headed monster of Kates-Wills-Harry and the Prime Minster (et al.) this was a BIG DEAL.

Torches light the way...

Is that a sun on the bottom of the trophy?  (Can't see to find out... but since THE SUN sponsored the event, you'd think so.)

The award might remind you of an upside-down World Cup trophy...

Which not doubt compares very favorably with the War of the Worlds film poster...

The film was about a Martian invasion.

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  1. It's the Earth. Look further down at the pictures at the Sun article. Unfortunately there seems to be no real good high resolution picture of the award.