Monday, September 10, 2012

42 = Princess D.I.E. and December 21, 2012

It's funny how things happen.  I wrote the last post, wondering if the "42" I am looking for is Jupiter, or some kind of astrological something.  Then something tells me to seek out the posts of the Newspaceman, who is in tune with London.

And so I go an take a look and of course, it's like he's just read my post (he hadn't) but what I read there gives me (what I feel) is the answer to "42."

It just so happens that last night Lady Gaga is in London and debuts her song, Princess D.I.E. - what a coincidence!

We have been following this story for months on this blog, ever since we found Gaga wrote the song.

Gaga, in London (of all places!) debuts Princess D.I.E. the same exact night some kind of spell is cast at the closing ceremony, on some occult flooring, with some girl in a Madonna-like throne.

The key may be that when Coldplay began playing "42", the TV announcer said, "Now it's winter" - as the show last night was about the different seasons.

Winter 2012 begins December 21, 2012.  So unless I am wrong - and I totally could be - whatever is going to die (or is it, D.I.E.?) will happen then.  December 21st is the "end of the Mayan calendar."  What a coincidence!  (Yeah right!)

Again, I cannot tell you how many times Kate has been compared to Princess Diana.

And just in case if we wonder if we are correct or not, Gaga immediately plays "Imagine" right afterwards - which was a part of the Closing Ceremonies and the "Face on Mars" -
aka "The Cat (KATE) Box" --

The Opening and Closing Ceremonies began with a Shakespeare speech, didn't they?  "Curiosity killed the cat" is also Shakespearean.  This was my idea way back in November of 2011.

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