Saturday, September 29, 2012

9'x11' Queen on Cosmati  

Cosmati pavement


  1. why is she standing? Not only she's an old lady, but she's also a queen, should be seated at least on a chair if not a throne. And her face doesn't look contemplative but rather beat, like she's awaiting execution or something..

  2. She is standing - I think - to be on the Cosmati - which is the "end of the world."

    I am hoping someone from Britain can look at this and give me their impressions. I'm a yank :)



  4. I noticed a "San Francisco"/"Golden Gate" Pattern recently that never comes out in the open fully but is always connected to '9/11' as it is here again as Her Majesty is portraid in front of the OPEN 'Golden Gate' which is surrounded by lamps with red/orange lamp shades. What I am refering to is a symbolic outplay of the Revelation storyline "on the World map". See IlluminatiMATRIX under 'San Francisco':

    "The picture immediately above is the Golden Gate Bridge crossing San Francisco Bay. A beautiful setting to be sure with the mountains in the background overlooking Oakland, California. What must be pointed out at this time, is that the old city of Jerusalem in Israel is mentioned in old testament prophecies as the location that the messiah will return to redeem his people. More specifically, the messiah will touch down on the Mount of Olives and come down through the Golden Gate into the temple courtyard. A great earthquake is to be unleashed from east to west and the mountain will split and divide to the north and south."

    May be nothing but ... it's odd someway.



  5. Kal, Deckard, thanks for the comments and links and ideas - all are very helpful and intriguing.