Friday, September 14, 2012


DrudgeReport September 14, 2012

Remember, Goro Adachi wrote 8 or 9 years ago, with the concept of the Face on Mars being preggo.  The "homimid" side of the face compares very favorably with this photo of Kate (which talks about her recent topless voyeur photos:)

And am I wrong or doesn't it look as though she has a belly?  Not forgetting the face is AKA "The Cat Box."

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  1. Pleats over the stomach are tricky. She has pretty flat abs in the photo's that were released.

    I have a feeling that more intimate pic's will be exposed and when the pregnancy announcement is made, they'll trace it back to that time in France. So everyone that looks at the pic's will ignorantly be participating in the "sex magic" conception ritual. They'll feed off the energy it creates. Disgusting as it is. I could be way off, of course...