Monday, September 10, 2012

Return of Sagitarrius

Coldplay had a Sagitarrius-type goat flying above their heads throughout their concert.  The sun is in Sagitarrius on December 21, 2012.  Madonna could have also been Sagitarrius at the Super Bowl as I showed Mercury near her was as above-below during the Super Bowl.


  1. Agree! Definitely saw the Sagittarius symbolism coming through strongly at The Olympics.

    Usain Bolt's victory salute reminds me of the Sagittarian Archer stretching his bow.

    The pictograms shown to the crew in the movie Prometheus echo the same archer's pose.

    The Prometheus Star Map from the Weyland Industries website was set up for the movie launch (

    The name of the map as listed on this site was 6EQUJ5 which refers to the famous Wow! signal. The region of the sky where the Wow! signal was located lies in the constellation Sagittarius, roughly 2.5 degrees south of the fifth-magnitude star group Chi Sagittarii. Tau Sagittarii is the closest easily visible star.

    The zodiacal constellation Sagittarius (ruled by Jupiter) represents the centaur Chiron who offered himself as a substitute for Prometheus whom the gods had punished for giving fire to man. In Greek mythology, Chiron was the child of Time... back to Clocks. ;)
    Link -

  2. It's a centaur Jeff, not a goat. It ties in with the naming of the orchid in your other post, given the (wiki) reference to Dionysus in terms of naming the orchidin respect of the testicle.

    The link at the bottom explains the Dionysus - centaur connection with wine, the daily mail today writes of how Kate did'nt touch her glass today in Singapore (pregnant?) whilst Wills did.