Monday, September 17, 2012

"Rapture Index" at an all-time high

I've followed the Rapture Index for years.  Say what you will about the "scoring" but it's never been at a higher point total than today.

It does seem pretty obvious that WWIII is knocking on the door of about 10 different nations right now.  It's shocking that there isn't already something huge going on after what happened last week.  We no longer live in a world where black is black and white is white.  The world we live in turned upside down.  Wrong is right and right is wrong.

If I weren't a Christian, I would be very afraid for what is right in front of us.  If I had children, I might miss sleep thinking about how to keep them safe.  If I didn't have a supply of food, I might wonder where the next meal would come from.

While you can look out your window and still see blue skies, I wonder if it will be the same way next week? 


  1. Seems like Rapture Ready is a Pre-Trib rapture website. Is that what you follow?

  2. I don't really think it matters, either way. But no, I don't believe in pre-trib.

  3. funny.. I just noticed now. Just a coincidence for sure, still funny

    WWIII WWill W(ales)Will

  4. very interesting picture

  5. Above picture is very interesting. But it would be more interesting if it were a Western photo.