Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Captain America is the next President

+Captain America = CA or AC (antichrist?)
+'NAME' on forehead
+Masked = hidden identity
+Ultimate = final, last, come to an end
+Wears a pentagram
+Has a shield with pentagram (shield comes from the same root meaning as does the word 'occult' - ie. hide)
+Uniform is a flag - to flag something is to MARK it.


  1. Great catch!

    Maybe the "A" is an uncapped pyramid.

  2. Did you notice he never becomes "President of the United States of America".

    He only becomes "President of the United States" or "President" ELECTED by "the people of the United States". But what "United States" they never tell us. He refers to a broken "America" but again not a broken "United States of America".

    Good that Mr. Obama already put all into law to continue after the "United States of America" are "broken".