Sunday, July 29, 2012

An old rabbit (demon) trail and James Holmes

At Grammy Awards before "levitating"
Comet HOLMES occulting ALGOL in Perseus (January 22, 2008)
As pointed out by Goro Adachi Ra's Al Ghul is very similar to Algol
On January 22, 2008, Comet HOLMES occulted the eye of Medusa and Heath Ledger (the Joker in the original DARK KNIGHT) died same day
Did anyone notice before that Algol, the "demon star" is marked on her dress?  It's not just Medusa, it's Medusa in the constellation Perseus!
She "levitates" (is demonically possessed)

James Holmes, the Aurora shooter, Heath Ledger (the other Joker) and Minaj all seem to be ritualistically related.


  1. Never thought blogging could be soo fun and interesting. Man you know how to do it brother.