Friday, July 27, 2012

The DNA angle

I am stumped.

Every Olympics Opening Ceremonies of every kind, be it Commonwealth Games or Youth Games or the Olympic games, has some kind of reference to DNA.

But unless I flat out missed it, there was none in this one.  No colorful spiraling towers.  No twisted ladder of ...

Well unless you count the ArcelorMittal Orbit, which I think you can; although it wasn't really part of the Opening Ceremonies.

It's twisted DNA...


  1. The Glastonbury Tor has somewhat spiral shape so it could represent the DNA spiral.

    You have connected the spiral tower of Babylon to the Glastonbury Tor so the spiral appearance is coming through.

    Miners like at Concepcion, Chile rising from the underworld?

  2. The miners at Coneption (well, close to it) - that's a great point! :D

  3. Also the lack of the DNA message might be due to the fact that there was a Giant baby at the opening ceremonies. and yet another rumor that Kate is pregnant, maybe it's true, the y no loger need to implie the DNA, because the child is here...???

  4. I think the Orbit stands for a permanent twisted DNA structure. It will stand there. Get into everyone's mind for awhile. Not like other ceremonies, when it's there and gone. It's a permanent fixture. Still being talked about.

    The release of the underground/underworld was significant. Like they are moving on to the next phase. They are being released.

    Just an observation.

    Great coverage Jeff...thanks for all your efforts here.

  5. caster semenya scandal -dna

    Hill - language - SA has 11

    see last photo