Friday, July 27, 2012

Peace on Earth

I found this on Jeff Radt's blog.  Thanks JRed!

First of all, I find it sad that the pope, "And pray that in the spirit of the Olympic truce..." blah blah blah, world peace boloney.

Big events, like the Olympics and Super Bowl, are the chance that TPTB throw out the world peace mantra.

Folks, there are two times this world will see peace.  One is when the antichrist comes and the second time will be after the second coming of Jesus Christ  (not to be confused with the rapture.)

Most people on Earth await a world leader - and the one they are waiting for sure isn't Jesus Christ.

The message of "peace on Earth" will probably show up again today as these messages at these type of events seem to happen at them all: DNA, Babylon and Peace on Earth.

Think of this from an end time/end of the world perspective and you know what, none of that sounds good.  They want to change your DNA, they want to build a one world society and they want a one world leader (antichrist.)

It's as plain as the nose on your face.  Wake up people!

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