Sunday, July 29, 2012

The missing Prospero

Where did the 80 foot tall Prospero statue go?  If it was there, it was never shown on the BBC.


  1. Not sure what you mean...

    Wasn't the "voldemort" puppet (maybe representing the "evil last pope"/ faked "mahdi" that Prince William kills at the end of 2012) the same thing as "Prospero"?

  2. Prospero is the giant with the wand (from The Tempest) in the top photo near the bend of the Thames - you can see how large he is by the size of the men crawling on him.

    He was missing - and he's not to be confused with the Rowlings character.


  3. Jeff, I do think you are missing the Voldemort character. I do think that they used it as voldemort, but that character had a large black cape, was gigantic and had a wand. That first photo might have been when they were putting him in, making sure it worked, etc. IT's in the right spot for it to be that character in the programme.