Friday, July 27, 2012

The Babylon angle

Glastonbury Tor made a surprisingly strong Babylon "scene" - we are so used to having Babylon towers in almost all Olympics.

The hill is really worth noting for the fact that the castle is missing... was mentioned by Bob Schlenker a few days back.

The tree on the Olympic version represents the underworld as proven by the fact (at least to me, anyway) the coal miners (who work in the mines underground, obviously) came up magically from under the uplifted tree...

The underworld (also the name of the musical producers for the evening by no coincidence) is one of the big 2012 themes; doesn't that make you just a bit squeamish?  What lives in the underworld that you want to be a part of?  Chained nephilim?  people in hell?

When the miners came out at first, I honestly thought they were going to be zombies and would immediately pounce on the pagan kids playing on the maypole and the Celtic villagers picking vegetables.

But I digress.  Glastonbury Tor is kind of a Babylon.  For one thing, it looks like the tower of Babylon:

Moreover, Glastonbury Tor used to have a tower atop of it that crashed to the ground when an earthquake struck in the 1200's on a 9/11 date!

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  1. The 7 kids that lit the cauldron would be the "7 sleepers"/ "people of the cave" and

    In pop culture predictive programming, they would probably be equivalent to the "Justice League"/ "7 soldiers of victory"/ X-men - super powered kids of some stripe.

    The people that emerge from the Underworld/ the miners would be "demonic reptilians"/ "vampires" from Trumpet 5 led by Abaddon.

    The "tree" that they are coming up from would be the "cosmic tree" - the "pillar of fire" created by the Large Hadron Collider.

    CERN created the Internet - the modern tree of the knowledge of good and evil. CERN created the Large Hadron Collider. The LHC has a statue of Shiva the Destroyer - Destroyer being the translation of Abaddon/ Apollyon of Trumpet 5. God appears to people as a pillar of fire, thus the (faked or heck maybe the LHC is really a giant laser) "God particle" will appear as a pillar of fire/ giant laser shooting into the sky (we've seen it a million times in movies, ads, etc).

    It seems to all point to this: on either Aug 3rd midnight (150 days of the flood Gen 7:24 due to the Olympic Noah's ark reference that ends at the end of 2012 giving us Prince William's gemetria of 2013) or sometime between 11-11 through 11-21 the LHC will "go haywire" and shoot a giant laser out into the sky. This creates a bunch of mega-earthquakes that "release" the 7 sleepers (which by Islamic prophecy awaken during Ramadan, meaning in August) and or "reptilians"/ "vampires".