Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Going outside the box (again!)

While examing the above (I have really only been looking at the "playing field" in my other looks at this curious thing) I happened today to look at the seats.

The seats have a "triangle" design but ic occurs to me they might be more relevant than we have imagined.

First, let's look at the seats:

Triangles, right?

Well it occurs to me that they could represent:

Glass shards.

And that may sound dumb until you recall that just a couple of weeks ago, right across the river, The Shard opened it's doors:

As in the previous post, this probably means nothing.  It's just something I saw and it belongs on the pile.


  1. Looks like a sperm breaking the walls of an egg...

  2. Fracturing:

  3. Slang for the drug methamphetamine, referring to its shard-like crystals

    shards = broken glass Hitler's Kristallnacht,"night of broken glass" triggered massacre and persecution of the Jewish people.

    Broken glass and shards have long been linked to violence, blood and gore, such as suicide, murder, and severe bleeding from deep cuts.

  4. Bob Schlenker mentions the missing crystal DNA shard.