Sunday, July 22, 2012

Tangerine Killer

Don't forget that Tangerine Tango is not only the official color of 2012, but it's the color of Mars.


  1. Good catch on the hair...

    Since it is 5 months until 12-21-12, I've been looking for a ritualistic Apollyon reference (Trumpet 5 lasts 5 months). This picture makes me think that James Holmes is the man referencing Apollyon (midnight 12:01 am Friday, the 20th, would thus end on the 20th Dec with the 21st being the "day of the Lord".

    Anyway, here's an interesting article on Mars.

    [[This angel Samael is said to be related with the planet Mars, and he states that explicitly in the Zohar. Samael says:

    “ entire domination is based on killing. And if I accept the Torah, there will no longer be wars. My rule is over the planet Maadim (Mars) that indicates spilling of blood.” - ספר הזהר Zohar


    In other words, when God needs to send his force to render judgement or punishment, it is the force of Samael, that angel, who does it. Scripture states:

    There was another angel in the seventh heaven, different in appearance from all the others, and of frightful mien. His height was so great, it would have taken five hundred years to cover a distance equal to it, and from the crown of his head to the soles of his feet he was studded with glaring eyes, at the sight of which the beholder fell prostrate in awe. "This one," said Metatron, addressing Moses, "is Samael, who takes the soul away from man." "Whither goes he now?" asked Moses, and Metatron replied, "To fetch the soul of Job the pious." Thereupon Moses prayed to God in these words, "O may it be Thy will, my God and the God of my fathers, not to let me fall into the hands of this angel."

    When we look into the Garden of Eden, we see that Samael rides on the serpent; that serpent is the first letter of his name, ס Samech, and that serpent is the Divine Mother Kundalini, the very energy of creation. In the Bible, the serpent comes to tempt the woman in relation with the Tree of Knowledge. ""]]

    So we have Samael as a great giant - just like the Prometheus statue from the Aliens movie (and reference to the "face on Mars". And his avatar, Samael Aun Weor, rides a dragon/ Quetzalcoatl/ Godzilla.

    And also this

    [["Written in Hebrew (which is written from right to left), Samael is:

    Samael in Hebrew

    The last two letters (אל aleph-lamed) mean "God" and are at the end of the name of every angel: Michael, Raphael, Uriel, Zachariel, Anael, etc., because they are all "of God." Samael [סמאל] is the name of an angel.

    The first two letters of Samael are samech [ס] and mem [מ]. These two letters contain the whole significance of his name. We will explain them in detail later in this article. But first, written as a word, sam (samech-mem) is:

    סם: bitter beverage, drug, poison, toxin, medicine, potion; perfume

    Thus when translated literally, Samael can mean "the bitter beverage of God" or "the poison of God." This unique (albeit disquieting) name reveals the unique nature of this important angel in the hierarchies of the divine. Yet the name can equally be translated as "the perfume of God," or "the medicine of God." This dual nature is deeply meaningful and when fully investigated reveals many mysteries in the Judeo-Christian scriptures. Yet, one should not lose sight of the fact that, whichever way the name should be applied in context, it always carries within it "El" - OF GOD. This is not a force to be condemned, for it belongs to God."]]

    So, Samael means bitter medicine of God - it fits perfectly what John in Revelations is describing with the "mighty angel" with the "little book" that John eats and is bitter in his stomach.

    Just thought it was interesting...

  2. Oh yeah, I forget to add in the idea of Aurora tying in with Apollyon/ Apollo.

  3. Here's an other Mars connection,

    Viking 1 lands on Mars on July 20th, 1976.

  4. Yep, thanks for bringing that up. I wanted to say that myself but I sure didn't want Goro Adachi to say I was stealing from him...