Saturday, January 14, 2012

Big QEII signal;cbsCarousel

This year being the 100th anniversary of the fall of the Titanic which comes less than a week before Queen Elizabeth II's birthday (the Queen, not the boat) - and this article referencing the Titanic, is a bit more than a signal.

Plus the fact that Titanic is an Olympic signal and both the Summer Olympics and Queen Elizabeth II are in London - plus the added signal that there is a ship very much like the Titanic and the Costa Concordia (above) named the Queen Elizabeth II.

Clearly, the titans were giants or nephilim.  Clearly these are what the Olympics are all about.

The ship above, Costa Concordia is referencing peace, harmony and unity - all of these a banner for the Olympic games.  Concordia means agreement/harmony.

Today also marks the start and first events in the Youth Olympic Games, which is governed by the International Olympic Committee.

The big event for Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee (again, don't forget, during a lunar eclipse and just hours before the huge Venus Transit event) is the Queen's flotilla, which will make it's way down the Thames river.  Signs in heaven aplenty!

There are huge signals everywhere and I don't feel I am at liberty to say exactly what I feel but I hope you can read between the lines.

There is also the fact that we are talking about a Jubilee - a blast of the ram's horn, a war cry and possibly a rapture signal.

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  1. "Clearly, the titans were giants or nephilim. Clearly these are what the Olympics are all about."

    The Olympics are celebrated becuse Zeus and the Olympians defeated the Titans.