Saturday, January 14, 2012


Phobos-Grunt should hit Earth by Sunday.  The most recent map showing where it could land shows that there's more terra firma in it's path than we have been lead to believe.

As a matter of fact, the fall zone shows some of the world's largest cities are included - London, Paris, all of India, etc.


  1. I've been watching Phobos-Grunt on the and noticed that it hits it's low point in the orbit as it is approaching the equator from the southern hemisphere.

    Since its seems reasonable to presume that it will fall out of orbit on it's descent phase, the implication is that it will land in the northern hemisphere, further increasing the chances of hitting land.

  2. Thanks for the comment, Mark.

    If you read the news onlne, they make it like a foregone conclusion that it's going to land in the water, simply because the Earth is 75% water. A look at the graphic above is in the path it is at least 50-50 water/land and I dare say even more land than water.

    If it lands on soil, that will be a huge signal. More on that tomorrow

  3. I'm calling the shot. (maybe) It looks like Phobos-Grunt is coming down soon. Interestingly, the track plotted on has it going directly over Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, on it's current orbit. (Regina being latin for 'Queen')

    As I am writing this, it is currently climbing northeast over the Pacific ocean heading towards the Oregon coast. At least one more orbit is presumably in order.

  4. Thanks Mark! If it does what you say, wow, what a signal, huh?