Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Prince of the power of the air

I was reading L.A. Marzulli's blog this morning and his subject was the TV news and the airwaves.

His post got me thinking about a few things.  First of all, we are told in the book of Ephesians:

Satan is the "prince of the power of the air" - have you ever contemplated what exactly that means?

I've always had a picture of this verse meaning that satan was interdimensional.  And I do believe it means that.

But I also believe it means he has authority in the sky up to a certain point, as the word air means:

We all probably know how radio and televison are broadcast:

 Think about some words associated with television and radio:



In the New Age Dictionary (source of the last definition) it even uses the word "plane" twice, another atmospheric phenomenon.

So satan probably controls the "air waves."  Words are words for a reason.  With a bit more thinking about this subject, we may come up with a few more connections to this verse as well.

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