Saturday, January 14, 2012

More on Costa Concordia

The people on board the ship were taken to the nearest island.  It's name is Giglio - which means lily - as in Lily of the Valley.

The island was just off Tuscan.
Coat of Arms for Tuscan

A white winged horse, like Pegasus, with an omega symbol in it's tale.

The white horse is something that has been coming up over and over again as anyone who reads and follows this blog knows.  The omega in the tail, seems to say, "it's the end" - God says he's the alpha and the omega, the first and the last - the beginning and the end.

The wings on the horse seems to symbolize flying.  Let's reverse the coat of arms and compare it with the other white horse symbols we have looked at of late:

Not to put too much stock in where they crashed, it's just unusual that there would be a white/nephilim - winged horse with an omega in it's tail. Tail = end, such as tail end


  1. Italy's credit rating was reduced to BBB+ yesterday. It seems the country has shipwrecked, more or less..

  2. Thanks for your comments - and very true what you say, also reminding us that QE2 is a financial term about the budge in 2010!

  3. Just found something else that's rather intriguing.

    Given Archbishop Charles Chaput's Native American heritage, I found this story from December 2011 about 'Lily of the Mohawks' who was canonized by the Pope (


    "The Indian people in the United States and Canada have longed for the canonization of Blessed Kateri from the moment of her beatification," Archbishop Charles J. Chaput of Philadelphia told Catholic News Service at the Vatican Dec. 7.

    A member of the Prairie Band Potawatomi Tribe, he is the only Native American Catholic archbishop in the United States.

    "We are all very proud of her because she embodies in herself what Pope John Paul II called inculturation -- the saints are the truly inculturated members of a particular ethnic group because they personally embody both the Gospel and the culture from which they come," he said.

    Interviewed before the pope's decree, Archbishop Chaput said news of her canonization would bring "great rejoicing for the Indian community," and he predicted "we'll show up in significant numbers here in Rome" for her canonization ceremony.

    Unreal, huh?

    Keep Looking Up,

  4. I think Costa Concordia's sinking has a lot to do with the European Union. Costa means coast and concordia means peace or unity (Concordia was the Roman goddess of peace). Also everybody knows that the Roman empire (which the EU embodies) stretched along the Mediterranean shores/coast. So Costa Concordia sinking points to the EU collapse and possibly a European war/revolt.

  5. Thanks for your comment.

    I also mention that in one of the posts about Costa Concordia. I mentioned this here.