Monday, January 16, 2012

Madonna at Golden Globes

I didn't watch and don't care about the Golden Globes but I did see this photo of Madonna taken at the show last night.

From what I have seen, her stage backdrop was different from the others.  Am I wrong or is like a totally obvious sexual intercourse stage behind her?  And with the reflection, we have to see it twice.

I don't find any of this stuff shocking anymore, I expect it crammed down the throats of everyone.  I can't express to you how much I hate to read about these people, they all make me sick.

It's hard for me to imagine how the person who is oblivious to these symbols are able to function daily.  Actually, I feel they are probably empowered by them via satan, as these symbols are actually spells of witchcraft.


  1. Madonna strikes me as a high ranked witch priestess. Seen her in full gear at the London premiere of W.E? She's also suspiciously close to the royal family

  2. Speaking of the Golden Globes, Michelle Williams (M + Upside Down M) won for her portrayal of Marilyn Monroe (M + M) too.

    Keep Looking Up,