Saturday, January 14, 2012

Creepy post-gender future the elite have cooked up

I honestly believe we are only DAYS AWAY from a time when people will be persecuted for being anti-homsexual.  You can see it in the news, daily.


  1. Hey Jeff,

    We are entering a time when the true followers of Jesus Christ will be called to stand and deliver the words of Truth that the world at large will not want to hear. Those standing and delivering the words of Truth as established by the Bible will be viewed as the cause of much societal discontent, and will be labeled as intolerant criminals and perpetrators of "hate crimes".

    Satan is most excellent at what he does and his ordained role of turning darkness into light, wrong into right, and the profane into the holy is progressing with the utmost expediency and efficiency.

    May the Lord grant us all the strength that our faith not fail us in the trying days ahead!

    Blessings In Christ Jesus,


  2. Aaron,
    Thanks for our comments. I agree, I wrote not too long ago here that right is wrong and wrong is right in today's society. Christians will be persecuted openly because of our lack of tolerance to sin.

    I checked out your web sites and already subscribed to one... keep the good work yourself!

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    1. Jeff,

      You are more than welcome for the comments. I thank you for taking the time to view my sites, your support, and kind words.


  4. found this interesting article a few weeks ago. Thought I would mention it here: