Sunday, January 15, 2012

Crash + Phobos-Grunt

There could be several signals in the cruise ship Costa Concordia.  Yesterday I somewhat detailed what I felt was a strong (and I do mean strong) Queen Elizabeth II signal.  If I am correct, life does not bode well for the Queen.

Ship has EU flag on it
But there are other signals as well.  One thing we have been watching are the keywords, "crash" and "Smash" (a tv show)- and I feel that not only deals with the fall today of Phobos-Grunt (right on time, might I add) but also of the world-wide stock markets.  Two big crashes in one weekend does not bode well for the stock markets if we are reading the signals correctly.

Also don't forget that on January 9th I posted this:

Which hearkens back to this research I did at the end of last year:

I suppose it's just coincidence that less than a week after the chip is approved by the FDA, we have a chipwreck - oops, shipwreck.


  1. Phobos-Grunt is getting interesting. It's now dropping below 80 miles (altitude) as it crosses the equator northeast bound.

    I'm still operating under the premise that it should drop to earth during this phase, and it is currently set up to cross Egypt and the heart of the middle east in a few minutes (Israel, Syria, etc).

    Each subsequent orbit moves it about 22 degrees west, so if it doesn't come down on this revolution, it will start moving towards Europe.

    If it comes down within the next few orbits, its going to be hard for it to miss hitting ground as it will be tracking across the heart of Europe and Asia.

  2. Phobos-Grunt is tracking between 51.4 degrees North and South latitude. I just realised that London, England is at 51.5 (51'32") North latitude. Just a paper thin difference.

    It going to come very close to London on it's early afternoon passing. Perhaps dropping by?

  3. You do realize that the FDA article is over seven years old?

  4. To Anon: The original article may be 7 years old but it was on MSNBC last week and to prove it, I invite you to look at the very bottom of the article that has 2012 copyright. Or see here, I snipped it for you.

    There was obviously something added to the article because it was in the news.

    The full article can be found here.

    Still, thank you for your comment.

  5. @ AnonymousJan 15, 2012 07:46 PM

    "You do realize that the FDA article is over seven years old?"

    It may be old but the outcome of that particular 'milestone' has yet to be perceived: