Monday, March 12, 2012

969, Methusela, Brittanic and Queen Elizabeth II
The barge above is named "Brittania" - that's a lot like the sister ship of the Titanic, named Brittanic, which sunk November 21, 1916.  30 (XXX) lives were lost.

According to the BBC, the Diamond Jubilee voyage in Brittania, will be Royal Family voyage #969.  969 represents the years Methuselah lived.  Methuselah died exactly one week before the flood.  He was the son of Enoch and the grandfather of Noah.

Some might even compare Queen Elizabeth II to Methuselah - though their ages are not at all similar, she's already celebrated her Diamond Jubilee on the throne (although the official celebration is in June) and she is almost 86 years old.
The name Methuselah, or the phrase "old as Methuselah," is commonly used to refer to any living thing reaching great age. - Wikipedia
Now, to make things more interesting:
And of course, champagne is often used to christen ships.


  1. The Ace of Spades is sometimes refered to as the death card.

  2. Thanks Mark... I knew I had forgotten something!