Thursday, March 15, 2012

Time and Kony

Today's Time magazine cover, which mentions Kony

The "money legs" and the Kony logo

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  1. Harlot

    Susan B Anthony dollar clothed in money
    $ for IS or Isis

    Susan means lily meaning whiteness, purity, the Virgin Mary/Madonna but also symbolic of resurrection and eternal life

    The harlot is dressed in fine linen(bussinon), scarlet and purple

    Abyss comes from abussos which literally means no white linen noting the fallen condition of the angels that no longer reflect the Glory of God and are considered undressed.

    She rides the beast, upside down pyramid like it's in the underworld not yet risen.

    Head is in the M, Madonna or mammon?
    "Aramaic loan word in Hebrew meaning wealth[2] or possessions,[3] although it may also have meant 'that in which one trusts'"

    That makes it clearer, written right on our dollar bill.