Saturday, March 24, 2012

Bell, Baal, or Bul

Bell, Baal, or Bul.

In the Masonic world, each is the same.  Each means master.

Remember that the Venus Transit this year (June 5/6 - Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee) takes place between the horns of the bull, Taurus.

Remember, bells are playing a huge part in both the Diamond Jubilee and the Olympics.

Ba'al (god of thunder) is simply another icon for Zeus, the god of the Olympics.


  1. Egyptian New Year 7/26, rising of Sirius

    Any connection to bells, like ringing in the new year?

    bell, bull come from the same Latin word for wild beast, bellua. Some of the other dirivitive words have to do with loud noise.

  2. I just hope all that noise won't wake up the dead.