Thursday, March 15, 2012

Jesus is coming soon!

I believe both the Queen's Diamond Jubilee and the 2012 Olympic Games are set to usher in a king and an eventual antichrist.

Is that plain enough for you?

That doesn't mean it will happen but things right now seem to be set up for the Queen to retire or die and for Charles to take over as King.  He may defer to his son William but then again, he may not.

There are indications that Britain seems to know this is coming (the Royal Wedding was also a rehearsal for the Queen's funeral; Charles has been offered other posts, etc.) 

But more than likely, if something did happen to the Queen or she stepped down suddenly, Charles would not blink an eye and would take over.

Having said that, it's not his time any longer.  10 years ago - that was his time.

It seems obvious that the time is ripe now for William, the Duke of Cambridge to take over.  He's about to be 30 years old.  He's recently married.  Not just Brits but people worldwide love William and seem to loathe Charles.

As I said, it seems likely at this moment, Charles would become King.  And I believe he would take the name 'Arthur' - as this too is his middle name.  But would that make him the antichrist?  No.

Things are being "set up" for somebody to be the antichrist in Britain.  Set up in heaven (astrologically) and with earthly rituals (the Jubilee and the Olympics.)  Satan is fully aware of things going on around him.  He has always had someone waiting in the wings to take over after the rapture of the church.  Think about history and you can look back and see many antichrists waiting for their turns that never came.

Will the rapture be this year?  We don't know.  But look up.  Look up every single day.  Jesus is coming soon.


  1. not so sure about Jesus but the antichrist is definitely coming soon

  2. Dont forget about things lining up for st maliky's prophecy and the final pope aka false prophet!

  3. I believe things are lining up too and your work here is very insightful. However I fear for people that are counting on a pre-trib rapture. It's not to cause a disagreement or a debate with you or anyone. I just worry for people to be misled into one of the false flag raptures they might perform.

  4. @anon #1 - Can't have one without the other.

    @anon #2 - Or seems to be. Tom Horn seems to be basing a lot more on the Jewish prophecy (which points to 2012) than the St. Malachy prophecy (which does not point to a date.) Although there are rumors about Pope Benedict stepping down in April. (April 20 or 29th anyone?)

    @Kal Dani - How can a son not know his own father?

    @anon#3 - If it's a 'false flag rapture' then it's not a rapture at all. I am very pre=trib.

    No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon. - Matthew 6:24)

    How can there be an antichrist in a world where Christians are still here?

    That's not to say that people can't be converted to Christ after the tribulation. That's another post entirely.

  5. All will happen on it's appointed time.

  6. Ezekiel wheels comparing to 5 rings like Olympic logo rings.