Saturday, March 17, 2012

Titanic Lockdown

There are times when doing what I do is weird in a revealing way.  When the door is opened and things fall into my lap.  The revealing then comes fast and furious and I begin to wonder if it's all real?

The Whitney umbrella, the Minaj exorcism, the sarcophagus in front of the Houston funeral - those kind of revelations.  And today, more of the same, certainly pointing to a shipwreck - those continue.  I've just found an open door, so follow along today as this stuff literally falls into my lap:

The festival takes place on Queen's Road.

 The 'K' in LOCK is the Eye of Horus

Lock down - is almost LOOK DOWN


  1. red skies at morning better take warning!

    Lock down in reference to the dangerous prisoners(Titans) in the abyss.

    lots of open your eyes signals but the titanic looks like speaker boxes, boom boxes, so telling you to keep your ears open too.

    There's a fish by the Belfast sign so this is an underground graveyard with a sun, Atlantis, Davy Jones Locker, Red Sea.

    Beast in Belfast

    Mermaid hair, Enoch called the fallen women Sirens.
    Tale of wrongful lynching, imprisonment and eventual rescue

  2. The eyes(Olympic mascots) and the mention of Odyssey arena brings to mind the eye painted on Odysseus's boat.

    Mermaid hair/Siren and boom boxes the Siren's song in Odysseus.

    Sweet, seductive, those that hear cannot escape.

  3. The little fish could be "the fish of Isis" meaning the abyss or middle earth.

  4. If the 4 eyes are eyes of Horus do they represent the 4 sons of Horus

    4 Canopic jars
    4 pillars of heaven
    4 cardinal directions

  5. Hexagon lockdown = DNA lockdown?

    Solomon's seal 2 interlaced triangles

    DNA mixing, combining/Titans with mankind

    hexagon: Hex, a spell
    A black hole