Monday, March 19, 2012

Between the horns

I realize I made a BIG mistake when I first started this blog in that I posted a lot of stuff without my explanation and now some of ths stuff I post probably gets a, "What?" from the reader. 

I can tell you that most of the stuff in here that gets a "What?" is backed up here at some other point so the best thing to do when you say, "What?" is to follow the links at the bottom of the post and view the other things I've written about.

Some writers save everything for ONE GIANT POST THAT NEVER SEEMS TO COME while I choose to highlight each find indiviually, or at least, most of the time.  Try and remember the links at the bottom of the post if you are lost.

I say all of that as a preface for this:

This is Hathor. Hathor is identified with Venus. On her head is the crown of Hathor and the sun between the horns.

THIS is very important and if you don't get anything from this blog at all, at least get this and tell everyone you know to read this post...  The above portrayal will be in the sky June 5-6 this year with the addition of Venus on the sun during the Venus Transit:

On the date(s) above I believe Queen Elizabeth II is represented by Venus.  Venus literally transitions itself across the sun as if to say that Queen Elizabeth II is literally going through an occult transition period at the very same time.


  1. Procession keeps going through my mind. A royal procession.

    "The Queen will be aboard the Royal Barge which will take the central role within the procession."

    Procession also has to do with the movement of the zodiac in this case
    the dawning of the new age of Aquarius.

    The Royal Barge(Egyptian Solar Barge?) passes through the tau pillars of the Tower Bridge opening a symbolic gate, bringing in the dawn of a new age.

    If the wedding of William and Kate was practice for her funeral the barge could also be a symbolic funeral procession.

    Hathor reminds me of Princess Fiona(cow ears) who is the cousin of Arthur Pendragon.

  2. Speaking of royalty and their fates, check out this trailer for the upcoming movie, Promethius: It mentions that a king will have his rein - and then die. The movie is supposed to be either a prequel or a pre-prequel or a side story to the well-known Alien movies. So many synchs in there, and so little time...

  3. Since Hathor is a goddess associated with childbirth and motherhood, perhaps the date will bring news of a royal heir to be born. She is also the goddess of miners - lots of mining incidents in the news the past couple of years. Finally, she is "Mistress of the West."