Friday, March 16, 2012

Venus and Quetzacoatl

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  1. The thing I think is interesting in this article is the jaguar god, Tezcatlipoca, versus the snake god, Quetzacoatl. The jaguar-man is a werewolf in other predictive programming. Similar to the Beast comic book/ movie character from X-men. And it has a cleft head - in other words, a "mortal head wound" - the antichrist will be portrayed as a werewolf or vampire beast monster. (recently, there was news that the Royal family was descended from Vlad the impaler/ "Dracula"...- maybe this is why they leaked the story about the corpses on the royal estate.)
    The snake god is a reference to "reptilians" which I believe would be more apt to describe as "fish-men"/ "creature from the Black Lagoon". (From Lovecraft programming, the fish-men worship the cthulu/ kraken/ giant psychic octopus.)
    Putting the pieces together in an "evolutionary" storyline, it would seem that the fish-men evolved first, then monkeys, then "Bigfoot/ Yetis", then humans, then in the future humanity "has a choice to evolve" into superbeings a la X-men mutants (aka "Indigo children") or into greys.