Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Again I ask... why June 5th?

I suspect many people read this blog for amusement.  That's fine.  My connecting of things is stupid.  Fine.  Think what you want.

But I once again ask, Why does Queen Elizabeth II's Jubilee celebration include June 5?

Upon researching Wikipedia about the Golden Jubilee in 2002, the Jubilee celebration was was June 1-4:

So why the extra bank holiday of June the 5th in 2012?  It has to be because of the Venus Transit. There can be no other reason.

The 5th of June will be a day of occult activity, more than likely involving the Queen.


  1. June 3-4, 2012: Partial eclipse of the Moon

    Does this add to the energy or do you already have this somewhere?

    BTW...I, for one do not think your connecting of things is stupid.

  2. Jerusalem is connected to Venus as its patron deity was Salim the evening star. His twin brother, Shahar was the morning star.

    King David added Yah(Je anglisized version)to Shalem.

    Pentagram was the official seal of the city Jerusalem from 300-150BC. Venus travels in a pentagonal shape.

    6 day war started on 6/5/67, recaptured old Jerusalem.

    7th and final Jerusalem Hug day on this Venus transit.

    Twin Venus transits happened in the years 1518 and 1526 during the 45 year reign of Elizabeth I.

    Lots of Mayan and new age connections to the Venus transit.

    Venus transits are associated with the return of Quetzalcoatl.

    Occurs very 120 years as twins 8 years apart. The latest series first twin was 6/8/04 is the date Reagon the "Great Communicator" died.

    Some see the 8 years as an open window of great advancement in communication, reformation and cooperation. 6/8/04 was called the Celebration of Oneness. (Babel one mind, one lip)

    Lucifer, Venus as Satan the Prince of power of the Air would include TV, radio, telephone, internet, etc.

  3. Time of apotheosis during transit?

    The arc of light known as ”aureole” or ”Lomonosov's arc”

    When researching there was mention of enlightenment from its arc of light.