Friday, July 20, 2012

The Aurora Rises
The shooting at the Dark Knight Rises premier in Aurora would not be normally covered here but there are some significant clues poured out for those who will see.

To me, the most obvious thing is that is was at the Dark Knight Rises premier.  I've been anticipating this film since last year on Acceleration.

Secondly, the shooter wore a gas mask and released some sort of gas (a canister of it) - GAS/G4S was something I discover just a few days ago.   The mask of Bane is another thing I have been showing you - and that's associated not with just GAS but a flood or a drowning or a sinking.

Thirdly, the shooter was from Aurora and auroras are what the earth has been having a lot of since the sun has been going nuts the last year or so.  Aurora actually means, "the color of dawn" (that is - the DARK NIGHT - the darkest part of the day is when dawn hits) and when I think of dawn I also think of the planet Venus.  Venus is representative of Lucifer (and in the case of Venus particularly, a counterfeit Jesus, since Jesus is also known as the morning star in the Bible.)

Also worth pointing is the name of the theater:

Are we to expect a blast from the sun strong enough to create the "aurora of the century?"  Enough to fry our electrical grid?

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