Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Does fantasy (Lucifer) actually mean "UFO?"

I was doing some research in the news this morning, looking for stuff to post, when I came across this:

This, in itslf, seemed to be worthy for Acceleration, but the name of the ship, Fantasy, intrigued me.

Digging a bit deeper into the etymology of the word fantasy:

light/to show light
visible and appear AND imagination, have visions

The word fantasy means three different things all at once.  First, "light": to see something and yet something that seems as if it really isn't real.  As if no one will believe you after you tell them what you saw. 

Even spelled completely different in Latin (phantasma):

It's really the same word that almost sounds exactly the same. While it's an apparition it's also VISIBLE.

It goes deeper.

Let's look at the root of fantasy (phaos):

The first words the Etymology Dictionary lists is phaeton which means a light four wheeled carriage ie - a SUN CHARIOT.

I believe this is also where the words "light" comes from - that is, the word that means "not heavy."  As this chariot was flying and was "not heavy" and had visible LIGHTING.

Do you have an opinion?


  1. for Fantasy it says "to BRING light"

    Lucifer was the light Bringer, bearer.

    for some reason this reminds me of Fantasy Island, there was speculation that mr. Rourke was God, but now I wonder, since he brought light (visions etc...) to the Islands guests.

  2. Thanks anon.

    Exactly - that's why I called it "Lucifer." The bring lighter er..uh... light bringer.

  3. Very interesting tag about Fantasy Island. That does bring up some connections doesn't it! Thanks Jeff