Saturday, March 10, 2012



  1. that is very similar!

    one thing I see when looking at this pose, is an archer, does Sagitarius play a role in the skies around the Olympics?

  2. Thanks for your comment and question.

    I see two things in Sagitarius during the Olympics: A full moon in Sagitarius on July 30 and during the entire span of the Olympics, Comet 211P Hill is in the constellation.

    211p Hill is named after Richard E. Hill (I figure he must have discovered it.) He works/owns? the Catalina Sky Survey, a large telescope.

    As Goro Adachi has pointed out, Catalina refers to Kate.

  3. The black guy Usain Bolt clearly points to president Obama; Usain is Hussein.
    Now the name Bolt can be interpreted either as thunderbolt, which adds up to the two men's pose or as 'a sudden and unexpected event'.
    Either way this picture tells us something. If you ask me it tells of the sudden and unexpected death of president Obama. Will the 'accident' involve electricity and/or thunderbolts? Maybe.
    Don't know what to make of prince Harry's presence though.