Thursday, March 8, 2012

Five questions for... Deckard

Deckard frequently sends ideas to Acceleration.  I thought we might all benefit from his insight:

Acceleration - What kind of signals do you see for March/April/May?

"This spring, a king will fall". That message hit me most lately. Another keyword popping up over and over again lately is "avalanche" - "to descent, go down". More confirmation for what we have seen since the beginning of the year.

Acceleration - Here at Acceleration, I have been seeing many ship sinking/flood signals directed straight at the Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee. Have you noticed this also or if not, what signals have you been seeing for the Diamond Jubilee?

This will surprise you: Before I came to Acceleration I never paid attention to the Queen's Diamond Jubilee at all. So I only started connecting ships with that upcoming event after I made myself at home in the Accelaration comments section :-)

I agree with you that many hints aim right now at the Diamond Jubilee and a big change but if it comes to ships the most important one for me right now is the replica of Noah's Ark that will be displayed at the Olympics. The biggest party on the planet on one side and Noah's Ark already in the water on the other side ... that has the taste of "final warning" for me.

Acceleration - We all know the Olympics are going to be a big ritual of (probably) more than one kind.  Are there any specific signals you are seeing yet?

When I think of the 2012 Olympics Roland Emmerich keeps knocking against my head. He had 5 movies out with clear 9/11 hints and then he brought us the "2012" movie. And you have recognized it yourself - they seem to play the story out right in front of our eyes. We already had the Titanic sinking and the 2 Mona Lisas in one room. The death of Andrew Breitbart smells very much like the director of the Louvre in Emmerich's movie who planned to expose the deeds executed under the authority of the US President in the movie. If we look further into the movie we see that the planet changing event takes place after the Olympic Games have been halted. I found 2 other signals pointing at a date after the beginning of the Olympics so far (August 11). And both signal "World War (3)". But they have the same quality as the "This spring a king will die" quote. It can mean something ... but it also could be nothing. I just mention this date hoping that other synchronauts reading this have maybe made similiar finds. Don't take it as a prediction.

There is another "sign" that hit me and that was the last part of Madonna's Superbowl Halftime show. Some synchronauts already pointed out to the importance of the musician Ce Lo Green. If you watch that 4 minutes carefully you will see that he's the one in charge as soon as he arrives. It's all about him and his appearance in the spotlight/on the world stage. It is when he is on the stage that the world burns and World Peace arrives. He's playing the Dark Knight rising.

But what does "World War" mean? Does it mean countries go to war against each other or does it mean worldwide the countries go to war against a common enemy? Right now we see war among countries in the planning phase: Britain - Argentina over the Falklands and USA - Iran. But if we look at the last decade of Hollywood programming fed to us in the last decade we see another scenario favorited: All the countries together united fighting an alien enemy/thread. "Alien" is everything that compromises the security of all countries. Terrorists with nuclear capabilities, viruses/bacteria ... it doesn't even have to be (fake) aliens from outer space (but I wouldn't count that idea out).

Acceleration - What do you think the overall theme of 2012 will be?

Destruction of the old (current) system. December 21 is the end of the world as we know it. After that legally the One World Order is installed. It may not even be openly visible or active. But the legal framework will have no holes left in it. The One World Order is basically the 4th Reich. The 3rd Reich shows us how it can be done in a short time frame. You have basically 12 years that Adolf Hitler was in power. In this 12 years he got legally (!) into power until he was able to change the laws according to his wishes and use them. The 4th Reich is designed different. Here we install all the laws over a very very long timeframe (decades) and don't use them. You can even install laws that will only make sense 20, 30 years later with the installment of other laws. The pieces are put together bit by bit so nobody really takes them serious or looks deeper into them. If you would elect someone like Adolf Hitler into the presidential office today he would look at the laws and he would ask "Why did you wait for ME? Let's roll.". This time the realm is prepared before the (puppet) leader arrives.

Acceleration - What question didn't I ask that I should have and what's your answer to it?

I am happy you just found 4 questions for me to answer ;-)

No I don't know a question but I would like the opportunity to direct some words at the Acceleration readers who right now are not among the commentators.

We need your support. Whenever you read a post and have an idea concerning it please comment. It doesn't matter how silly it may be or how far stretched it sounds. Maybe you come up with THE keyword someone else needs to make a connection. Everyone who is active in the scene has a different unique way of researching that suits him best. I for example get the best results if I can react to something - meaning I need someone to throw me a ball. I take the ball and go with the flow and see where it takes me. So I just react on the news presented to me like from the Acceleration weblog. If something speaks to me I start to research that topic. If something doesn't speak to me it can have 2 reasons: It's totally wrong or I don't have the knowledge of that specific topic that it can talk to me. That's the point where I am dependend on more keywords.

Take the "Whitney umbrella". The symbol was on my mind all the time from February 6th to February 12th when  heard of Whitney Houston's death - but I had no idea about the existence of an "Whitney umbrella" or it's shape. So I have this shape in my head but nothing that I can connect it to. I simply lack the knowledge. Somebody with a better mathematic knowledge could have said on February the 6th "Well looks like a Whitney umbrella". It wouldn't have changed anything about the outcome of Whitney Houstons lifespan. But I think you get the idea about being able of early decyphering these ceremonies. In the Whitney Houston case it's just one person who is affected and that's worse enough ... another time it could be a much larger group that is affected. And it could be your keyword that helped decyphering it early enough to take precautions.

So whenever it hits you ... please comment.


  1. From the sinking of Queen Elizabeth I in 1972 to 2012 is 40 years the length of reign of 3 kings Saul, David and Solomon. Perhaps significant.

  2. Thank you for all of your comments, Shoshanna.

  3. Hi, thanks for all your interesting observations about the Olympics. Something I have noticed is there seems to be a link with John Dee in all this. The opening ceremony is supposed be based on the Tempest which has a character most likely based on Dee, then we also have Damon Albarn from Blur who has created an Opern called Dr Dee which will be showing throughout the Olympics too. Not sure if this is relevant but I have found it intriguing as he was a serious cat when it comes to magic. Any thoughts?!

  4. My only comment is: I am familiar with any of those names! I'll look them up though.

  5. Sorry, I was a bit vague there. The Character John Dee is supposed to be is Prospero the magician. He was linked very heavily with Queen Elizabeth 1st. Very dark fellow who claimed to speak with angels but they were probably more likely demons.